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Reducing Drivers’ Hours Rules Infringements & Improving the Safety of Food and Drink Deliveries

This course explores:-

Drivers Hours, Driving Limits Breaks and Rest, Working Time Directive, Record Keeping & Food Safety Regulations and Hygiene, Chilled and Frozen Food, Food and Drink Deliveries, Manual Handling in Food and Drink

We include this day's course for drivers booking our Mods 2+4 package


Reducing Incidents Involving Fluids and Live Loads & Dealing with Common Emergency Situations

This course explores:-

Load Safety Regulations, Principles of Safe Loading, Planning to Load and Unload, Effects of Fluids and Liquids on Vehicle Stability & Breakdowns, Bridge Strikes, Fire


Overcoming the Challenges of Varying Road Conditions & Overcoming Daily Driving Challenges

This course explores:-

Driving in Challenging Weather Conditions, Winter Driving, Reacting to Road Conditions Green, Roadworks and Traffic & Route Planning, The Highway Code, Bridge Strikes, Roadworks and Traffic


Reducing Digital Tachograph Infringements & Understanding Mental Health in the Workplace

This course explores:-

Digital Tachograph Unit, Using the Digital Tachograph, Digital Tachograph-Malfunction and Events, Digital Tachograph-Enforcement & An Introduction to Mental Health & Depression, Bullying in the Workplace, Stress and the Workplace


Employers’ Duties Towards Compliance A & Improving Drivers’ Daily Duties Towards Road Freight Compliance

This course explores:-

Transport Manager, O Licensing, Vehicle Selection, Insurance & Driver Licensing, Weights and Dimensions, Inspections and Prohibitions, OCRS


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